Friday, October 01, 2004

First Post


How to start? How to start? Well I will just jump in. My internet name is mortal_one. I am a 43 year old father of two. I live in a state where casinos and even home games are illegal. I got reacquainted with Poker this past summer when I was channel surfing and saw an episode of WSOP. I think it was 7 Card Stud.
The whole thing fascinated me. This was not the poker I played in college - penny-ante 5 card draw. I sucked back then.
Since WSOP I have tried to watch about all the Poker on TV I could find. I found a "version" of Texas Hold'em on Yahoo Games (more on this later). I downloaded Party and UB and played with Play money (more on this later). I downloaded articles (more on this later). I started reading Poker Blogs (more on this later).
I don't know where exactly my Poker Journey will take me, but I enthusiastically look forward to it.

More to follow.


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