Friday, October 01, 2010

Another Year Older

Yes my 3 readers, I have been blogging for 6 years as of today.  Considering the content and the look, that is kind of a dubious distinction.

Do I still have the same hunger for the game?  Yes.  In fact in the past couple of weeks I have been playing more and playing better than I have in a couple of years.  But again, that is not saying much.  At least I enjoy the hell out of it.

I am not going to bore you with links to my "best of" posts.  I don't think there are many.

A lot has happened in six years.  Poker in the US has waxed mightily and is now waning.  Casinos were illegal in West Virginia, and now there are five of them.  Poker for money on the internet was once "legal" and now it is "illegal" (at least funding your account with funds from US banks).  I have held two widely diverse jobs.  I quit one and was unceremoniously let go from the other.  In between them I was out of work for 11 months.  And currently I am unemployed.  If you have been waiting to offer me a job, now would be the perfect time to offer.

I will give you an article I found in "The Charleston Gazette" online.  I find it amazing that the new Hollywood Casino, not 20 minutes from my house, is doing so well.  If you are like me and too lazy to click the link, here is the article:

September 29, 2010 
Charles Town table games offset Lottery problems elsewhere

In August, total state Lottery revenues were $118.3 million, down 4 percent from $123.2 million in August 2009.
Racetrack video lottery was down about 9 percent, at $64.5 million, and traditional on-line and scratch-off games were also down about 9 percent, at $15.86 million.
Limited video lottery, at 1,594 bars and clubs around the state, was off 2 percent, at $31.7 million.

Spurred by Charles Town, table game revenues were up 205 percent over August 2009.
Conversely, the new casino at The Greenbrier has failed to meet Lottery revenue projections since its opening, providing the state with a total of about $974,000 in table games and video slots revenue since July 1, about 16 percent below projections.
But Jim Toney, the Lottery's deputy director for revenue, noted that The Greenbrier saw improvement in August, with the state's share of revenue coming in at $591,000.
The Greenbrier opened its permanent, $80 million casino July 2.

So until I get a job and a bankroll, Enjoy the Pokery Goodness for me.

P.S.: Thank you for reading what for me is an "uber-post".  Sorry Iggy, I could not resist.  I miss your posts, but I guess the time for them is over.

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