Thursday, December 09, 2010

Not in Vegas, Baby!

As a courtesy to the WPBT members either currently in or headed to the annual WPBT Winter Classic in Vegas (details here, here and here), I will attempt to give my non-trip reports.  This will, I think, provide a good contrast to the goings-on in that shiny city in the west.

Thursday the 9th:  I am not getting on an airplane to Las Vegas.  I do not have reservations to any of the mega-hotel/resort/casinos there.  I picked up my daughter from 4th grade Math Field Day practice and brought both of the "little" _ones home for snacks and homework before meeting Mrs. _one for the Christmas Band Concert at the school where she teaches. We thoroughly enjoyed the music then made our way home for dinner and finishing up homework.

You will not find me at the Geisha Bar at IP with the poker bloggers who made it in early today.  Well at least there is no chance of any of them calling for a dial-a-shot, as none of them know my number.  Safe again.

Sometimes I miss the days in 2004 before the first WPBT Winter Classic.  The poker blogger community was a lot smaller, and a lot more unified in some ways.  But as time went on, the community fractured and stratified.  I am one of those that was left behind.  I did not post often enough, with enough content, or with enough editing for some people's taste.  That is OK by me.  I never wanted to be recognized as a good writer.  I just wanted to be a part of the community.  It was just fun reading and commenting.

Ehhhh!  What the hell was that?

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness (in Vegas or where ever you are)!

PS:  If you must dial-a-shot, and everyone else in the poker universe is unavailable, call me and I will fulfill my duty.

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