Saturday, December 04, 2010

Not Blog-Pimpage or Book Review - Actual Poker Content!

Over the last week, a couple of interesting poker-related things happened.  I played a hand in a tournament that put a player severely on tilt.  The other is that I am in the middle of FTP's Rush Week.

I really don't want to bore you with all the details, but I feel compelled to give you most of them.

The set-up for the tilting hand:
I was playing in a $250 freeroll at FTP.  These are donkfests at least through the first hour or so.  I was moved to a table sometime during the last half of the first hour needing a lot of chips to get up to even.  I landed in chip heaven.  Of the 8 other players, six were sitting out.  I played a little standard poker until I go a feel for the other two players.  Player A had me out chipped about 10 to 1 and Player B (henceforth known as Bad Guy) had me out chipped about 5 to one.  Even the players sitting out had more chips than me.

About this time the deck hits me pretty well, and I double up a few times.  I notice that Player A is playing very weak-tight (my guess is that he got a lot a chips early and was sitting for the most part).  Bad Guy was playing almost every hand, but checked a lot.

I decided to start playing into Bad Guy and just run over Player A.  During the course of the next 15 or so hands, I busted out Player A, and severely crippled Bad Guy.  At this point I have about 16k in chips and Bad Guy has almost 4k.  One of the short stacks is all-in in the big blind.  Bad Guy calls and I raise with KhJh in the big blind.  Bad guy calls.

The flop comes Ad-Tc-2c.  The way Bad Guy had been playing, if he hit the flop or had a flush or straight draw he would have raised.  Bad Guy checks and I check.  The turn comes up 9c and Bad guy checks again.  Bad guy could have been slow playing a flush at this point so I was being careful.

The river comes with 3c making it four cards to a club flush.  At this point Bad Guy puts in a very small value bet.  I know he has a flush.  But I know if he had the Ac he would have bet on the flop.  So, I can either fold, call or raise.  If I fold, he will run all over me even though he has fewer chips.  If I call, he beats me with his "less-than-nut" flush.  Or I could choose C and raise,  knowing that he will lay down his "less-than-nut" hand to a big bet and that my cards will be seen because of the all-in sitting out player, I bet about 125% of the pot.  Bad Guy folds, my cards are shown, I scoop the pot from the all-in players K4o.  Then the fun began.

At this point I get no cards unfortunately.  In the middle of the next hand Bad Guy says in the chat box, "I'm gonna rape your face if i can find your address."  Excuse me?  Bad Guy gets this worked up over having to fold a hand in a freeroll?  Unfortunately I was not able to capitalize on his tilt as the table broke up after a few more hands.

I did not go on to even make the money in the freeroll, but I outlasted about 93%.  Bad Guy went out shortly after folding to my bluff.

Note to any at FTP:  Bad Guy's comments crossed a line.  In some jurisdictions it could even be considered assault.  If you wish to sanction him, I will give you the details.  And please keep your database secure as I don't want him showing up at my house and doing bad things to my right ear.)


I am playing in FTP's Rush Week.  I like Rush Poker.  And so far I am a winning player on the micro-limits.  Not much of a winning player or else the free $10 for playing about 10 hours of poker seems like a good deal.  (I have to accumulate 10 FTP points a day for 7 straight days.)  So far so good.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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