Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slow Play is Good

I have noticed that my play is better when I play on a slower connection. I haven't fully figured out why or measured the difference completely. But I think there are a few interesting things going on.

First, because on a slower connection, I typically have less time to act when play comes around to me, I am thinking ahead. Do I really want to play these cards? What kind of bet will get my opponent to Call? to Bet? to Raise? to Fold? How can I get my opponents to act the way I want them to act? Slower connections cause me to focus more on the game.

Second, I think my slow connection masks my decision times. Most of the time when I act I am being counted down on the time to act clock. It confuses most opponents who are not paying attention. They tend to think I am slow, dumb, and a newbie fish. This gives them the wrong impression, and I work with that.

Third, my slow connection irritates my opponents. I am used to my slow connection, because I always deal with it. My concentration is good so I don't get bored. Most of my opponents are from the MTV generation of after and have shorter attention spans. They want action, Action, ACTION now, Now, NOW. I can see their irritation in the Chat Box. If they are cursing me for playing slow in the chat box, I know they are getting irritated and I concentrate on finding a way to work on that opponent.

Oh Jeez, was this actual poker content?

My advice? Slow down and Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!



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