Friday, May 04, 2007

I Finally Got A Job!!!!!!!!!!

It is not my first choice (or second, or third, or fourth), but I finally found a job. I am not sure if I can tell you where, but here is a hint or two. "Oh Thank Heaven", and retail store with a gas pump out front. I think you know what that is. I am the newest Assistant Manager. And I am way over-qualified for this job.

Many years ago I managed a bookstore. And if I may say so, I managed it well. From there I worked on a corporate IT help desk, then for a Credit Card Network 24-hour Merchant help desk. At that company, I started doing what I had been to college to learn - develop software and reports.

So, yeah, my new job is way below where I want it to be monetarily, but at least at this point there is money coming in.

Since I will not be using most of my time trying to find work, I will actually have some time to play poker. Watch out UB and FTP.

West Virginia Table Gaming non-update:

No breaking headlines here. The vote for the individual Counties comes up on June 9th, 2007. The table gaming industry and the pro-gaming forces are pushing how much the County will get in revenue, and that about 1.5 million will go to the County School Board.

The anti-gaming forces do not want even more gambling in the area. The most vocal seem to be using the argument that it is immoral and that the cost to the community and the State will be too great.

Gee, I wonder how I would vote if I lived a mile down the road in the next County?

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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