Thursday, January 25, 2007

Poker Related (sort of)

This is a post I have been meaning to do for some time now. In addition to looking for work (I have at least one interview next week) and playing a little online poker, I have been playing a game online that has a dual purpose. That game is BlogShares. It is, at least partially poker-related.

Brief overview of the game portion:

BlogShares starts as a game where you are given five hundred dollars of play money and you can buy and sell "shares" in blogs. Once you make a little money on blogs, you can start trading in "Ideas". Ideas are like commodities and can be bought or sold.

Then there are chips which have no face value. Prices on chips are determined by how players agree to price them at any particular moment. The game can get really complex at times.
With more advanced gameplay, you can Restructure Blogs, perform Hostile Take Overs, and Raid Blogs for Ideas.

Brief overview of the blog service portion:

As part of gameplay, the blogs are voted into different categories called "Industries". Players get chips for voting. Votes are moderated by the more experienced players. The byproduct of this voting is a rather large catalog of categorized blogs.

If you want to find a blog about, I don't know, say POKER, there are about 255 of them list there now. If you are into kayaking or French Politics or just want to read a blog from someone in Dublin, Scotland you can find it at BlogShares.

Go, Look, Enjoy! Play if you want, find blogs if you want, or do both.

Who knows, maybe I will start another blog about BlogShares.



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