Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still No Solution From Full Tilt Poker

After finally finding time, I was able to try the solution the fine Techs and Full Tilt Poker sent me. It did not work.

Below is the most recent message I sent back to them. I think I am being pretty nice at this point. I guess it is because I used to work on a help desk before and I know how impatient and rude people can get sometimes.

Hopefully the correct solution is coming soon.

Dear Full Tilt Poker Techs,

Thank you for all your help on this issue. Unfortunately, I still
can not download the software.
I am requesting that you escalate this
issue. Please review all the information in this email. It contains
everything I was asked or asked to do.

I have not problem in downloading other big files. In fact, I am
able to download many of your competitor's software with no problem
whatsoever. I have been patient so far because I enjoy playing on your
site. (And I have a fair amount of money in my account.)

Please email me back with your solution soon.

Waiting to play FTP Poker,

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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