Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Know What is Best For You

This is just wrong!

Washington Supreme Court upholds the State's Internet Gambling Ban.  (Thank you Congress for not passing a regulation and taxation bill on Online Poker! Grrrrrrr!)  You knew it had to happen.  We can now look forward to every state making their own laws concerning online poker.  And if you live in a state that allows poker to be played, expect online poker to be banned from your state.  I live in West Virginia where Poker just became legal at the racetracks and one resort.  I expect the State Legislature to pass a law in the next year or two to ban online poker (and gambling).  Why?  To protect their stream of revenue.  I think this is short sighted.  If they would regulate and tax internet poker (and gambling) they would have two streams of revenue instead of one.

With gambling laws being left to the individual states, I am sure more of this will happen in the future, unless Congress acts.  And Congress is highly unlikely to act anytime soon.  Right now the Democrats (who favor regulation and taxation) will be too scared to bring up legislation on this "hot button" issue before the election.  They do not want to be pilloried by the Teapublicans, er, I mean the Republicans.  The Republicans don't want to touch the issue because: One, they are afraid of the Tea Party, and Two, they feel they have dealt with the issue several years ago when they snuck through UIGEA.

PokerStars has now banned citizens of Washington State from playing real money on their site.  If you are from Washington and have not yet read about it, PokerStars has information here and here.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness while you can!

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