Sunday, November 07, 2010

Book: Tournament Poker

Today. I am writing up a little review of "Championship Tournament Poker (Championship Series)" by Tom McEvoy.  I finished reading most of this book last week and have been trying to make sense of some of the ideas in it.  I read the Hold'em chapters, along with the Razz, Omaha, and 7-Stud.  These are the games that I am somewhat familiar with.

There was really nothing I found in the Hold'em chapters that I did not know already, the standard  "Play tight early, take advantage of tight players on the bubble, open up your card selection a bit as the blinds and antes go up."

That seemed to me to be the message regardless of what game was being discussed.  The chapters at the end of the book, at least to me, were the most informative and/or entertaining.  The chapter on "The Business of Big League Tournament Poker" I think I will find the most helpful.

All in all a good read.  If you want to pick up a copy follow this link, or better yet do what I did and see if your local library has a copy.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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