Friday, April 15, 2011

Death of Online Poker: Day Zero

With the indictments today of the Big Three online Poker providers in the US today, there is a virtual blackout of online play.  I am sure you can still feed your urges at some of the smaller sites, but I would not encourage it.  This is the reason I have played very little with real money since UIGEA was passed by congress.

For details on what is happening, I suggest you got to Pokerati.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness (just not online for the time being)!

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At Thu Sep 01, 03:35:00 PM 2011, Blogger mortal_one said...

This comment was left by someone wanting to put a link in their user name. The user name was "Online Roulette" with a link to a site. Here is their comment.
"One year ago on that fateful day President Bush saved America from the scourge upon humanity that is online poker by signing the Port Security Improvement."

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