Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Haven't Gotten Real Yet

Too much to do over the weekend.

Finally things settled down last night and I was able to play with play money at Party. Yes I know you bloggers out there look down on play money, but I say it is good for trying out different styles of play.

Anyway, I sit down in the middle of a hand and right away I can see that this is a 5/10 limit loose table. 9 call the flop, and 8 go to the river. The winning hand is A4o who made a pair of aces on the flop.

So the first hand I am dealt is KJh. I am in early position and call. Flop is KsJd9h. I am first to act and I bet. It is capped before it even gets to me with only 1 folding. Turn is 2h and again the betting is capped before it come to me. At this point I have 2 top pair and a flush draw. And the river? Ah. 3 fold around and then I cap the betting and over 700 (play money) is mine.
The next hand I get is 83o which I fold.

The third hand I get is ATs on the SB and I am ready to go again. Flop comes AdKhJc. Again I have top pair and I bet agressively. The turn is Qs and there are still 6 in there betting! Ain't play money grand! I have the nut straight. I will at least get a big piece of the pot. The river comes: Qd. Gee if this were real money I would wish someone had Queens. But since it is play money, 3 others call my cap of the river. One showed K7o, one showed pocket 10s and the other mucked. I pick up my second big pot in only 4 hands!

At this point I decide to play very tight and try to guess what the other people had. After a while it was fairly easy to figure out by the turn who was representing a big had and most of the time I could put them on specific cards.

I ended up this session up 70BB. If only it was real money. Oh well! It was good practice and of course I put certain players on my buddy list. I will be able to look them up when I need to do some fishing.

Real money soon! I promise. I think I am ready. (Famous last words....)


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