Sunday, March 26, 2006

OMG not two...

days in a row.

No, no one has hijacked this blog yet. Although with my ones and ones of readers it barely matters at this point. But then again, I did not start this blog to gain readers. I started this blog as kind of a repository, or sounding board for my poker journey. Granted my journey is not as swift and certainly hasn't gotten as high as others. But that doesn't matter.

At this point in my poker life I am about where I thought I would be. I can mostly win at the play money tables online, and I can pretty much hold my own or stay ahead at the real money tables.

I do want to get better at the poker. And I am continually trying new things. I haven't purchased a new poker book in over a year though. I have been too busy with work and family to do that.

It has gotten a little easier to find time to play now that my kids are 4 and 5, although they still take a lot of my time (and they should). This weekend I spent downloading poker site software to my second hand laptop. I may get in a hand or two later.

I hate the month whose name we dare not speak (the month preceding March). This year's edition brought 2 cars breaking down 3 times. One car is still sitting and waiting for a transmission while the other's breakdown was even more severe. The second car was replaced with a used car. Ain't life wonderful. So we are still on the no sleep schedule here. We (adults) wake up at 5:30 and get ready, get the kids ready and leave before 7 am to get the kids to daycare. I drop the wife at school (she's a teacher) by 7:45. Then my commute gets me to work between 9 and 9:30. At 3:30 the directions reverse and I leave to fight DC traffic home to pick up the kids before the deadline and then pick up the wife if she did not get a ride home.

Oh, well at least the poker is good right now.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!


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