Thursday, November 29, 2007


Greetings my friends. Since Party Poker does not allow me to play for real, maybe some of my European readers would like to check out Party Poker Germany. You will find the link over on the right hand side. I'm sure there are still quite a few fish swimming around. There always were when I played there.

I got a bit of interesting mail today. Actually it was addressed to my wife, the lovely Mrs. _one. I will post more on it once I have checked it out. Hopefully I will have time in the next few days.

To any of the Bloggers attending the upcoming WPBT in Vegas: If you are in need of a dial-a-shot contact me, and work permitting, I will throw one back with you. (Note to self - make sure there is SoCo on hand.)

Play for me has not been easy the last couple of weeks. Right now I am playing mostly play-money Sit and Go's over at FTP. I can usually make the final table if I am patient. But I have not been "In the Play Money" for a while. I will have to study my play and figure it out. My first inclination is that I have not been playing aggressively enough.

Time to put the little _ones to bed.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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