Friday, October 03, 2008

Yes it has been Four Years.

Yes this blog has been around for 4 years. And considering the content, it is kind of a dubious distinction. There are many poker blogs which have fallen by the wayside in that time. Blogs which were better written. Blogs which had more content. Blogs which posting was done on a more regular basis. Yet here I am.

If you had asked me four years ago where I would be in my poker journey, I would have told you I would be at the WSOP and cashing big. I would have said I had plans to attend most of the WPBT get-togethers. Those things and a lot more should have happened.

What did happen?

Work - and lots of it. I had a very good, well paying tech job, but the commute and the price of gas forced me to leave it. I now make less than half that in a retail environment. (Any jobs out there?)

UIGEA - Those bastards in Congress ruined the Party!! Forcing Neteller, Party Poker, and others to drop US players out of fear of lawsuits and more.

The fine voters of Jefferson County, West Virginia - These people did not see the merit in table gaming at the local race track. Although the voters in the counties of the other 3 racetracks in West Virginia voted for table gaming. Jefferson County Schools, who would have been the benificiary of the Table Gaming revenue, missed out on an estimate 2.5 million dollars the first year and an estimated 4.5 million dollars in each subsequent year. Hopefully they will vote FOR table gaming the next time it comes up. It would be nice to have a poker room twenty minutes from home!

Online poker - I have been playing play money since UIGEA. I know I could play real money at some sites, but it is the principle. Until Congress gets off their butts and acts...

So what little poker skills I have will languish. What little sense of poker blogging community I once felt will stand idle. I will wait. I have patience. Eventually circumstances will change, they always do. And I will pursue my poker journey with renewed vigor. Until then I will be playing for play chips, reading poker blogs, and wishing there were more poker players in Congress.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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