Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanks Full Tilt, I fixed the problem myself...

Thank you Full Tilt Poker! With all your help in fixing my problem. I have been unable since late July to download, load, and run Full Tilt Poker Software on my PC. This meant that I was unable to enjoy playing poker at my favorite online site. But more importantly it meant that I was unable to withdraw any of the funds in my FTP account. This has been a problem since I am unemployed and would like to keep my house.

I fixed the problem on my own today. And the Tech Staff at Full Tilt Poker had all the information they needed to find the solution. (I am kicking myself at how easy the solution was.)

If the folks at Full Tilt Poker would like to know what the problem actually turned out to be and how it was fixed, they can contact me and preferably hire me to troubleshoot problems their customers may have. I have a few ideas on how to change their customer/technical services if they would care to listen.

Just a few more hoops, and I can withdraw some money so I can keep the house for a while longer.

Looking forward to playing live poker next year at Charles Town Races and Slots.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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