Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Phil Hellmuth Pimpin' on the Radio

I heard Phil Hellmuth on the radio this morning. He called into the local morning show and was pimping. He pimped his new book, his old book, his video, and his phone poker.

He also talked a little bit about how he began playing professionally in either 1986 or 1987. He said he decided to quit college and play full time after he won over 6K in one night.

Phil gave the standard "Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master" speech. But then he said if you read the first chapter of his first book you would be pretty good at low limit holdem. [I have not read the book, but I find that very hard to believe.]

The host mentioned that he [the host] hated Chan, and Phil said Chan was a pretty good guy. Phil then went into how he was trying to breakdown the jealosy between the top Male [Phil's emphasis. Slam at Annie Duke?] Professionals. One way said he was doing this was by bringing in endorsement money. Phil said that he told other players that if Nike calls him then you can be sure Reebok will be calling someone.

Phil then talked about wanting to become the Best Poker Player of All Time. He said he is up there with Chan and Brunson. He talked about how Doyle had won a WPT event at 71. Phil lamented the fact that he has yet to win a WPT, but that he has come close numerous times. Phil talked about how the age factor will be working in his favor as he has at least 30 more years of playing ahead of him.

He said his biggest cash was 750K when he won WSoP in '89. He said his biggest loss was at a side table where he went down 135K.

This is all I can remember right now. If I remember any more I will put it up.


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