Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Updated Poker Blog Listing

I have added five more Poker Blog links to my site. You should go and read each of them. They are either informative, entertaining, slightly off-center, or some combination thereof. I have learned quite a bit from them so far.

In alphabetical order they are: Dead Money = AlCantHang, FeliciaLee, Genius of the Poker, Poker Grub, and Tao of Poker.

If drinking SoCo and playing Poker are your thing, read AlCantHang.

If you want excellent reports and the truth of what goes on behind the scenes, read FeliciaLee.

If you like trip reports and good poker advice, go to Genius of the Poker.

If you want to test your ability to read hands, Poker Grub.

If you just want to read something that is very well written from a published author, Tao of Poker.


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