Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I finally did it. Yes this blogger has finally played poker online for REAL MONEY. I know, it's about time!

Last night, I got the wife and kids to bed about 10:45, did a few chores, rebooted my clunky PC, checked email, and updated the blog. Then the fun began. I closed out my blog and left my Yahoo email open to work on between hands. I clicked on the Party Icon on my screen and logged in.

I went to the .5/1 tables and was carefully random about my table selection. The average pots seemed to be between 6 and 10 dollars, so I chose a generically named table with 9 players with an average pot size of 8 dollars. I decided to bring 30 dollars to the table from my Party account.

I then sat out in the 10 seat until the BB. I wanted to observer the other players and I had 5 hands to do it. Seat one to my left had the best player at the table. Great! Seats 2 through 7 had generic calling station fishies. Seats 8 and 9 had players that were fairly good. So now I had a quick read on the table.

Did I always follow that read? Of course not! Did I follow it at all? Yes I did. If the calling stations raised, I folded most of the time. Because when they raised, they actually had good cards. Otherwise they called 90 percent of the time.

How did I play? Not too bad. I was way to passive most of the time. I did miss seeing possible straights on the board - twice. I got into a betting war once with the best player at the table over a flush. I had second best, he had the nut. The highest pocket pair I had was 88. The best hole cards other than those I saw were AJo.

My best hand was when I was on the button and had QJo I limped in and saw a flop of xJQ. I bet and it was down to myself, best play in seat 1 and good player in seat 9. The turn was another Q giving me Queens over Jacks. The Q also made it 3 diamonds on the board for a flush. The river was a rag diamond. No possible straight. Bet, Bet, Bet. I took down the biggest pot I saw at the table that evening - 22.75.

I played for a little less than an hour. I ended up 5BB for the session. (Best player was up about 40BB when I left.)

What did I learn? I need to follow my reads more often. I need to be more patient in my starting hand selection. I need to read the board better and not miss the possible straights my opponent has. I need to remember poker is a long term session, not just 35 or so hands. Limping in from BB with the hammer is fun (did not catch the flop - fold.) I really enjoy playing poker online. I need to learn a lot more about poker.

Hopefully I will get to play a couple more times this week.


At Thu Dec 02, 09:20:00 AM 2004, Blogger NYSPOKER said...

Congrats on making the plunge. Patience and Discipline, that is all I can say. Good luck!

At Thu Dec 02, 05:21:00 PM 2004, Blogger Maudie said...

Unless there was a typo I believe you had the absolute nuts with a full-house - Qs full of Js. Congrats on the pot and the step into a whole new adventure ahead of you! I'm there with you at the 50/1 for awhile as I attempt to repair my bankroll and get back on track - see you there - 8^)

At Thu Dec 02, 05:43:00 PM 2004, Blogger Bmetz said...

Good to see you've made an *educated* leap into online poker for real $$.

Great job of being patient and not posting dead when you sat down at the table. So many new players don't take advantage of the opportunity to observe.

Best of luck man, and keep reading up on strategy.

At Fri Dec 03, 12:50:00 AM 2004, Blogger mortal_one said...

Thanks for the encouragment! I have not had a chance to play any more since then. Getting ready to travel to my wife's education conference again this weekend. So there will be no poker again until Monday. I do have an idea or two about a post on Saturday night though.

Maudie - I knew I had the nuts on the Turn and I wanted to make sure the other two stayed in so I only called on the turn (to make it look like the Q did not help me). When the diamond rag came on the River, I knew they would both either bet or call to the cap (which they did). - Don't worry - you'll have an awesome time in Vegas. Now go find some more fishies for your kitties!


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