Sunday, November 28, 2004

Still no Poker

The past five days have been hectic. We did not get the chance to travel to see family this Thanksgiving. We decided to stay at home. Yikes! Three days of rain, two childrens videos played over and over and over, and still no POKER. Don't get me wrong, I love the kids and had a great time trying to change the stories on the videos. My four year old was to smart for that and would not let me get away with it.

I did get to see some of the WSOP marathon on ESPN this weekend, but I had seen those already. Ho Hum.

Hopefully I can get Party funded today from my Neteller account. Any idea on how long that will take?

Soon, yes, soon I will be the newest fish out there. Ah, to be able to swim free in and around the smaller fishies. Hiding in the kelp from the sharks. Coming out when the coast is clear to river them with the hammer!

Enough! I need to get back and do some chores.


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