Saturday, August 26, 2006

Update on my Play

On Thursday, I sat down and played 4 multi-table play money Sit-N-Gos at UB. The first I was card dead for most of the time and still ended up in the money at 4th. The next two I made a couple of horrible mistakes that crippled me and I went out 14th and 16th (of 30).

The fourth one I played, I was in the zone. I made a couple of small mistakes, and capitalized big time on a couple of my opponents mistakes.

Generally in these SNGs I prefer to stay out of the first hand as it is generally reserved for the "All-In Monkeys" who think they can double or triple up quick and go on to win. I have never seen one of these Monkeys actually win one of these SNGs. In fact, I have never seen anyone win the first hand and go on to win... until today. I looked at KTo in middle position. Two folds and a limp to me. I min raised because I did not want to set the Monkeys in motion. To my surprise half of the people folded, and the other half called. The flop came down 38K rainbow and it was checked to me. I put in a half pot sized raise and get two callers. Turn brings a T and I bet the pot. One caller. The river is a Q and we both check. He shows J8 and I take down the first pot. I went on to finish first in this one and called it a day.

Another couple of weeks of practice in the play money on these SNGs and I may put a deposit in and go from there.

I am still a bit under the weather. My cough is getting better although I coughed in the wrong position yesterday and strained a muscle. So now the cough is not bad but the pain from the strained muscle is very sharp. I will be resting and hopefully this cough will stop today.


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