Thursday, July 06, 2006

Behold the Mighty Power of THE HAMMER

I have messed around with THE HAMMER before, but never like this. In an hour and a half I got THE HAMMER four times and played it three times. The best thing though is I got back into playing at the real money tables (.5/1 LHE heh heh) at Party.

First hammer in late position with 2 limpers ahead of me. I raise (the only way to play'em). Flop comes Q27 rainbow. I raise, turn come 5h, I raise again. The river comes with a third 2. I raise and win the showdown.

Second hammer, I got in middle position. I raised preflop and again on the flop and got 3 limpers to fold to a possible flush. I proudly displayed my Hammer.

The third time I got the hammer, the flop came KdTd7h. Not knowing that at this point I was behind to top 2 pair, I re-raised. Turn is a blank and we raise and re-raise again. Then the river brings me proof of the mighty power of THE HAMMER. The seven of clubs appears out of nowhere. My trips beat his 2 pair.

The last time I got the hammer I was in late position and the pot was raised and re-raised by the two good players at the table at the time. So I did what normal humans do when they get the hammer, I folded quickly.

Overall the session was up 4.75BB. I am still seeing too many flops, but at least near the end of the session, I was a lot more selective in my starters. All in all, not a bad way to get my feet wet again.

Thank you Grubby for the hammer!


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