Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Warning: Poker-Type Content

Greetings blog reader! Actual Poker content today.

In the past 6 months, I have been overwhelmed with requests. These request have come in three forms, requests for link exchanges, requests to review items, and requests to advertise. The only thing I can figure is that the popularity of poker and the upcoming WSOP has made not just mine, but every poker blog that has been around for any length of time a hot commodity. (Regardless of actually content or regularity of posting - See my blog as an example.) I will let you know how I deal with each.

Requests for Link Exchanges:

I have no problem with anyone linking to this blog!!! If you want to link, go right ahead. I generally only link to blogs or sites I visit on a semi-regular basis. If you have a blog and it is not listed, I either am not aware of your blog, or I have not gotten around to linking you. Feel free to send me an email or a comment if you want to be listed.

Requests to Review Items:

If you have something Poker-related that you want me to review, I would be more than happy to do so. Contact me either by email or comment. When I post a review, part of the review will be whether or not the item I am reviewing was provided to me free of charge or not. Of course, whether or not I receive something free of charge, I will give my open, honest opinion.

Requests to Advertise:

First off, I am not openly looking for advertisers (If they find me on their own, as the current 2 have I will consider the offer). I know some bloggers out there have problems with advertising. I do not. As long as the advertising is related to the blog in some way and the blogger is open about their relationship with both the advertiser and the reader I see no problem. None of the advertisers I have or will possibly get in the future will affect the opinions expressed in my posts. If I have a problem with one of the advertiser's sites and/or products you WILL hear about it here. If I lose that advertiser, so be it.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!


At Wed Jun 21, 12:39:00 PM 2006, Blogger Haley said...

Pretty respectable attitudes. I know I no longer actively hunt for link swaps myself; I keep a large link library but I do it because I -want- to, no other reason.


At Thu Jun 22, 12:22:00 AM 2006, Blogger mortal_one said...

Thanks, I just wanted to let people know where I stand and what to expect.


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