Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Not Going to Go There

There are quite a few 'jokes' I could make about this announcement. But I won't. The disturbing thing is that this contest is not about poker in the slightest. It is about looks. If you read the contest rules there is a time set aside for coaching on poker play. Well at least some of the dead money at the WSOP will be nice to look at.

Miss Pokerface: Global Hunt for Poker Beauties

London 1st June

Poker has become a social phenomenon played by millions of
people around the world.

However Poker lacks glamour and the
launch today of the worlds first “Miss Poker Face” seeks the worlds most
beautiful girls who can also handle themselves on the poker

Initially entrants will be broken down into 8 international
territories, UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Sweden, Australia, Denmark and Norway.
Girls who submit their details to will be short
listed based on looks to play in poker tournaments to find national

The winner of the UK will be crowned Miss PokerFace UK for
example. Each country winner will win major prizes including entry into leading
poker events and contracts with top modeling agencies.

Once each
national winner is established, a final playoff will establish

A spokesperson commented “the response so far to
this project has been phenomenal, not only from potential entrants but also from
companies wishing to become sponsors. We would of course entertain a sponsor but
one which is a global brand”

I don't know what to say. Someone was bound to come up with this sooner or later. I just wish it had been later.


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