Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bits -n- Pieces

Poker News:

The House of Representatives, in what seems to be an election year, grandstand move to get voter support, passed a bill which will make it harder or impossible to play poker online. There are two main parts of the bill. The first deals with the banking side. It would make it illegal for US financial institutions to facilitate money going to or coming from online gambling sites. The second would force ISPs to block online gambling sites.

Fortunately, the Senate is not inclined at this time to take up similar legislation, so the bill will languish for the time being.

For further reading on this see:

Bill Rini
Up For Poker

WSOP - Is underway -

Lots of events lots of bracelets, lots of people buying into the various tournaments. Read results here:

Tao of Poker
PokerStars Blog

Blogging author:

doubleas has written a book. It's on Poker (duh). Go to his site and order it now! I haven't read it yet, but I will be ordering it on Monday.

WPBT (World Poker Blogger Tour)...

visited Las Vegas last weekend. They are mostly home now, and mostly sober. So the write-ups should be appearing.

Go here or here to get a listing of who was there.

Then click, read, enjoy, repeat!


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