Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Here Comes the Flood

As I said yesterday, I have several posts today. They are posts I did not have time to post in the last month. I am leaving them separate as that is how I originally intended to post them. In these posts you will see (Originally written [date]) at the top to show when it was originally written.

I am somewhat optimistic now about the chances for table gaming to come to West Virginia. It appears as if ther may be enough support in both Houses of the Legislature for the bill to pass. I don't think the Governor will veto it if it passes. (See following posts for details.)

On the online poker front, I will probably get back to the tables sometime this week after I finish our taxes. (Currently scheduled for tonight and Wednesday.) I will probably complete my purchase of That Poker Tracker Guide. And maybe even purchase the Poker Tracker software on my PC.

And now, see my last month...


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