Thursday, February 03, 2005

Last Week and a Half at a Long Glance

This past week has been a killer. I picked up the COLD FROM HELL! It has been with me since last Friday, and I missed 3 days of work. Running, stuffy nose and uncontrollable coughing is not how I wanted to spend days off from work.

This past weekend I played (read: lost terribly) on a Party .5/1 limit table. I knew I should have gotten up from the table after the second orbit. I did not. The biggest tip off came when I got the BB for the second time and it was FOLDED to me?!?!?!?!?!

I would have inserted hand history, but it is on the other PC (not networked).

I don't think I have ever heard of this happening in any of the Blogs I have read. As I said, I should have gotten up then and found a new table. A table with Fish. Or at least a table of Fish that play worse than I do.

I wasn't playing badly, I just was not getting cards. The best cards I got were KJh. I flopped two pair and bet it to the river and picked up the pot. Other than that, I pretty much folded to end up down a little over 15BB.

I probably would have been more inclined to have left the table if it weren't for the fun interaction between Party software and my PC. If I open more than 2 tables, I crashes all the tables. I don't even have to have them all open. Party software does not let go of the resources when I close a table.

Then, when I am done playing, I close Party, it tries to reconnect automatically, then my OS gives me two Party Poker has performed an illegal operation errors and my PC freezes. Reboot City!

Even after I reinstalled my Party Software and running it without the Firewall it still happens.

Does anyone have any suggestions (Other than upgrading, or buying a new PC)?

On a different note: I am very sorry I did not play in the WPBT tournament on this evening. My wife still has the COLD FROM HELL she caught from me (she doesn't take days off). Also, the young'uns did not get to sleep by the 9:00 PM start time. So in the interest of living to see February 3, 2005, I did not be play.


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