Tuesday, January 11, 2005


My wife got over her strep on Friday. That is the good news. I had a gastrointestinal issue all day Saturday. Sunday I am well rested and get the family to bed early. I go to fire up Party and it connects to the network and says there is an update to the Party software. (UhOh!)

So I start the download. On my dial up that takes forever. And now the download is complete and it is starting the install wizard to install the update... Then it happened. It has happened every time I have tried to install an "update" with party. The Party software creates an error. I close the error and that "freezes" my PC. Re-f'n-boot!!!

I bring up the PC, connect to the internet and try to fire up Party. I get an IE window from Party saying the problem is in my Firewall. I don't think so, Party. Party software then "freezes" my PC again. So much for Sunday night.

This evening, I uninstalled Party software, did a little registry cleaning, and downloaded Party software again. I will be running the setup momentarily. Hope it works.

Ahhhhhh, the joys of online poker!


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