Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blogger VegasFest II

(Originally written [3/9/05])

I will not be going to Vegas for Blogger VegasFest II. I do not have the bankroll for Vegas at this time. I am really itchy to go though. Of course, around our house, my wife gets extra exhausted in early June. School will be almost over and she has to keep ducking bullets and dodging knives at the middle school where she teaches (God Bless our educational system *yeah right*).

I am patient. I will attend at some point. I will play in an online tourney at some point. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a live blogger event at Charles Town Races and Slots. But that would assume the legislature passes the bill, the governor signs it, the county votes to allow it and CTR&S decides to actually put in a few poker tables.

After that, I would have to figure out a way to trick/lure bloggers into coming to the Mountain State.

Oh well, a guy can dream.


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