Wednesday, March 16, 2005

February False Start

(Originally written [2/14/05]

I have been staring at this Notepad window on my PC at work all day. I
don't know where to begin or even if I should begin. It has been
really rough at the _one household for the past month. But, as I have
stated here before: Family > poker.

I haven't played poker since January. No time for it with all the
things that follow here.

My wife's cold from 3 weeks ago developed into some kind of walking
pneumonia [ed. note bronchitus] 2 weeks ago. I was not able to persuade/guilt/bribe/order her to either take time off or go to the doctor's office until this past Saturday. Needless to say she would come home from work flop down on the couch and cough herself to sleep very early in the evening.

This of course leads to all the household chores being dumped on me.
Plus, the care and feeding of two rambunctious, but lovable (it's a
defense mechanism, I swear) kids.

This has left me with little time for me to pursue anything poker

The good news is my wife is now on antibiotics and "Super" prescription
cough syrup. (Although she is not taking the days off the doctor
suggested.) The end of this is in sight. I actually got to read a few blogs
last night, but there are still some I haven't read in weeks.
I wish I could catch up on them, but I can't read any blog that has
"blog" in the URL from work. Bloglines is not a viable option.

With luck and a couple of nights to catch up on sleep, I will be able
to play some and read some by the next week.


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