Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WV Legal News

(Originally written [3/9/05])

The Journal Newspaper (Martinsburg, WV) recently had this online poll:

Question: Should residents of West Virginia's 55 counties vote on the
legalization of table gaming in the state?

Yes: 173 votes (77.2%)
No: 51 votes (22.8%)

(The opinions expressed in this non-scientific poll do not necessarily
reflect those of The Journal or its staff.)

I think the people of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia would want
table gaming legalized. A large part of the economy here is Charles
Town Races and Slots (More slots than any single casino in Vegas, Grub).

Most people around here would see it as bringing money and jobs to the
area as well as providing much needed revenue for the state.
As for most of the rest of the State... I think the poll would be
reversed. Having grown up in southern West Virginia, I can tell you that
table gaming (gambling) is viewed very poorly (understatement). The
fundamentalist, conservative, and religious folks in those parts would
mostly see this as the Devil trying to get a hold of the State.

Hopefully, the same groups in the State that brought us lotteries and
Video Slots (not my way to spend money) will make it possible for table
gaming and card rooms to exist.


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