Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mixed Messages in the WV Legislature

(Originally written [3/9/05])

(Gee, something the boys at Pokerati missed)

There are currently 3 bills affecting poker in the West Virginia
Legislature. Two in the House and one in the Senate.
The first bill in the house would cut my budding online poker career
(lol) short. It would make electronic betting illegal.

""Electronic betting" means the act of placing a bet on any game of
chance, through any electronic means, including, but not limited to,
internet, telephone or cable transmission."
from HB 2480.

This of course means I would not be able to play poker for real money
by and legal method in West Virginia.

Fortunately there are the other two bills:

SB 442 and HB 2848

Both of these bills (they are nearly identical) would legalize table
games (poker among them) at the State's Dog and Horse racing facilities.
I think some in the legislature have realized the amount of money they
can make since authorizing video slots a few years ago. (They increase
the number of machines permissible each year.) Table gaming would mean
that the racing facilities would be able to offer casino type games.
This includes poker, but poker may not be available at any facility as
they would be able to make a whole lot more by providing BlackJack,
Craps, Roulette and so forth.

I will be following these and other WV legislation, so when I get any
updates, I will pass them on.

If you have any questions, either comment or email.


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