Friday, September 16, 2005

Who Needs Table Image...

when you can't even get to the table.

A couple of my friends at work have a poker game about every three weeks. It is usually a NLHE single table tournament format. Most of the players are from here at work. From what I have heard, the game is pretty soft, although lately a couple of the players have been improving. I have been trying to get into this game since they started having them about a year ago.

The three obstacles in my way to this game are:

1. I live too far away from where the games are held. It would be about a 2 hour drive home (a little farther than work). This would leave me too tired for work the next day.

2. I have been blessed with small children and a working wife. To make it to this game, I would have to know about the game a schedule the time at least a week and a half in advance. Grouchy wife and kids are not something I like to deal with. Unfortunately, the game has no set night or schedule, and they announce it about a week in advance.

3. I talk poker with them at work and they know that I play online. Somehow they think that if you play online, you are good. I have always told them about my losing as well as my winning, so they did not get that from me.

So here is my game-plan to take out these obstacles:

1. Schedule the next day after the game off.

2. The kids are little older, so I will not need to give the wife as much warning. (But she gets to keep my soul)

3. Lie and tell the guys at work I am the worst player ever. (Not really much of a lie considering my play lately.)

I will let you know if it works.


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