Thursday, April 28, 2005

Overdue Pimping

Yes, I have been negligent in my duty to my fellow bloggers (that is if any would wish to be mentioned in the same breathe as me). So here then is one of the blogs I have been reading lately. Check them out if you want, it couldn't hurt. The good thing is that they actually mention pokery goodness from time to time (Sorry Dan, I had to do it ;-})

Pokerati - Dan heads a "crew" of many assorted, unique, too-numerous-to-mention-by-name buddies. Most of them are "journalists". All play poker. Mostly in and around the various underground cardhouses of Dallas and Austin, Texas. They usually post newstories (Some even their own) about what they call the "War on Poker". Read this blog for news on the fight to legalize poker mixed in with some (usually) good-natured in-fighting.


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