Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Update on Gambling in WV

(Originally written [3/14/05])

The Washington Post has an article about the bills in the WV State Legislature on legalizing table gaming at the 4 race tracks in the state. The basic jist of the article is that WV is headed down the slippery slope. Lottery leads to Slots leads to Table Gaming. The article seems to be a warning for Pennsylvania and Maryland not to compete with WV this way or else they will end up like WV (dependent on gambling revenues).

You will need an ID to read this article, the Washington Post provides them free of charge.

The second article comes from the Charleston Gazette. It is mostly reporting on the table gaming bill's progress through the WV State Senate.
I'm not sure if you need an ID to read this article, the Charleston Gazette provides them free of charge.

I personally hope the bill becomes law. It would be sweet to be 20 minutes away from a poker table without having to move.


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