Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well so much for posting on a regular basis, much less, so much for posting pokery goodness. I would like to have a more regular schedule for posting, but right now the family life and work are kicking my butt.

I will be contacting my state legislators in the coming weeks and months to urge them to pass the Table Gaming Bill. I suggest that any of my readers (the two or three that still check the site) to contact their State Delegate or State Senator and let them know you would like to play poker in the Mountain State.

If you are not sure who your delegate or senator is and/or how to contact them, either leave a comment for me or send me an email.

I have been neglecting WPBT lately. I am sorry I have not pimped or played in the tournaments lately, but family responsibilities and finances have prevented it.

I should have a post in the next few days (I am not holding my breath) which will contain some actual poker content. I am also planning to update my blog listing here.

See ya in a few!


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