Monday, May 02, 2005

Patience, Jacka$$, Patience

As you can tell I have not played on Party in a while. I ran through my first buy-in and have not gotten around to reloading. The money is sitting in Neteller, but I have not pulled the trigger yet. My biggest problem right now seems to be patience. I know what cards to start with. I know what cards to fold. I know how to get a read on my opponents. I am usually good at reading the board, although sometimes straights hide from me.

I know all that, and I get tired of fold, fold, fold. Of the 500+ hand I have on Poker Tracker, the highest pocket pair I have received is JJ once. I have also received Big Slick once. I want to get in on the action, but I have not been dealt very good cards. 67 suited starts to look good. Hell even 83 offsuit starts to look good.

I know what I need to do. And the next session I play, I will work on it. And if any of you have any tips for practicing patience at the on-line table, I would appreciate it.


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