Friday, December 02, 2005

Consistancy (Ironic Ain't It)

Consistancy - Something that has not been anywhere near this blog in quite some time. It is unfortunate. It is reprehensible. It is ... reality.

My lack of posting has not been because of lack of passion for poker, or lack of passion for blogging. The lack of posting has been because there has been no time to do it. When I started this blog, I made a deal with myself. If the blog starts to get in the way of my time and energy with my family, the blog is the thing that will languish.

The biggest thief of my time lately has been the lengthening commute time. Last year it was about an hour and a half each way. This year it has ballooned to almost two hours each way. This leaves even less time for family, poker, and blogging. (So if any of you know of a computer/web/IT job I could do from home...)

I am currently rereading two of the poker books I purchase a year ago.

I actually have seen a couple of the WSOP events on ESPN this year. (Hopefully it won't make my terrible play even worse.)

I am in the process of upgrading a laptop I recently acquired. Once I get more memory for it, I should be good to go on real poker websites and not Yahoo.


Last year I was not certain I would be saying that this year. Sometimes my interests are short-lived.

My goal in the next twelve months is to improve my play enough to play all hands correctly at least 95% of the time. It would also be nice if my meager bankroll would grow to a semi-respectible level.

For those bloggers still checking this site: Good luck at the WPBT Winter Classic II as I will not be there. I will, however, hoist a few in your honor at the appointed hour(s). I am up for dial-a-shots. Email me if you want to set it up.

Stay tuned (or at least check back soon) for more Pokery Goodness!!


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