Sunday, December 04, 2005

Texas Freeze Hold'em Freeze DVD Freeze Non-Review

OK, here is the long overdue DVD (non-) review:

In the early part of the year I purchased a How To Poker DVD at my local CVS. I had visions of becoming unbeatable, a monster with the ability to crush my opponents at the table with but a stern glance and a check-raise.

But, alas, that was not to be. I take the DVD home, wait for the kids to get to sleep and pop it into the DVD player. The first 4 chapters play fine. But then the signal starts freezing - both sound and audio. I tried other later chapters and many of them actually froze my DVD player. (Even after several unpluggings and pluggings I got the same results.)

"No problem!", I said to myself. I popped the DVD out of the player and pop it into the DVD drive on my PC. Same problem. At this point I figure I got a defective DVD. Again, "No problem!" I take the DVD back to CVS the next day and exchange it. I take it home and guess what? The same problem. This time I even took it to a friends house and tried it in his DVD player. It still freezes the audio and video.

So now I have a defective DVD (I could only exchange it for the same title), no poker knowledge gained from said DVD, and no review for the two or three readers I have left.

So here is my (non-)rating:

Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em - Non-rated

If someone would like to send me a copy that actually works (hint, hint) I would be happy to re-review it at a later date.


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