Saturday, May 15, 2010

FTP Notice

I got this email from Full Tilt Poker yesterday.  Fortunately I upgraded my computer in January.

Full Tilt Poker is withdrawing support for Windows 2000 as of May 27th, 2010.

You can continue to play at Full Tilt Poker using Windows 2000, but we will not be able to guarantee the quality of your experience or offer you support if you encounter any issues.

Click here to learn more about current computer requirements.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please email

Full Tilt Poker

Of course considering the pain I went through on my Win2K laptop last year just trying to load the FTP software, I don't blame them.  I spent about 8 months dealing with their technology department trying to figure it out.  And eventually I had to come up with the solution myself.  I am just glad I can play poker online.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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