Thursday, September 14, 2006

Poker Savvy $1000 Blogger Freeroll at

Well so much for my blogger tournament debut. I donked out 21 of 21. I played too many hands and played them too far. It was fun while it lasted. I will definitely be back next month.

I really liked that there were only 21 players. That meant that the payout was $500 for 1st, $300 for second, and $200 for third. I knew I should have taken the 21 way chop before it started.(LOL) Oh, well - live and learn. You can bet I will be there next month. If you have a blog, you should show up too.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogger Tourney Tonight!

There is a blogger tourney tonight at 9:00 at given by Poker Savvy. It is one of their monthly freeroll blogger tournament series. I am about 70% sure I will play in it tonight. Come join (if you are a blogger) or watch the fun. If I do play, then everyone will see what a bad player I really am.

Did you call your Senators yesterday (See yesterday's post)?? If you are not sure who your Senators are, email me and I will try to sort it out for you.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Call Your Senator Now!!!!

I just received an urgent message from Full Tilt Poker and the Poker Players Alliance. Apparently the bills the US House passed earlier this year may actually get onto the Senate's calendar. And of course since it is an election year and one third of the Senate is up for re-election they will be trying to position themselves in a way that they think will get them the most votes. Unfortunately, online poker may get in the way.

I urge you all to call your Senators and tell your friends to call their Senators as well.

Not sure how? Here's how...

The U.S. Senate is Seeking to Ban Online Poker - PPA Phone March on Capitol
Hill Scheduled for September 12, 2006.

Your urgent action is needed! On September 12th, 2006 the Poker Players Alliance is teaming up with Full
Tilt Poker, along with some of online poker's other notable card rooms, poker
blogs, and forums to organize a "Phone March" on Capitol Hill.

From 9AM ET until 5:30PM ET on Tuesday, September 12th, we are asking
all Tilters and anyone else interested in defending poker to call this toll free
number - 800-289-1136 - and be patched through to one of your two U.S. Senators
in Washington D.C.

When you call the 800 number, you will hear a recording from PPA member
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer and then you will be prompted to enter your five digit
zip code so you can be directed, free of charge, to your Senator's office.

Once you reach your senator's office, please let them know you support
online poker, and make the following key points in your message:
  • I am voter in your state.
  • I strongly oppose any legislation that would prohibit online poker and urge
    the Senator to vote against such legislation.
  • Poker is a skill game enjoyed by 70 million Americans.
  • The Senator should seek to regulate online poker much like the government
    regulates other forms of gaming, like lotteries.
  • Prohibitions don't work - any legislation that tries to ban online poker
    will only drive those players underground.
  • Again, I urge the Senator to oppose any attempts to prohibit me from playing
    the great American game of poker on the Internet.

The threat to poker is real. Please forward this information to everyone you
know who cares about poker and an American's freedom to use the Internet. We
need everyone possible to make their voice heard on September 12th!

Note: The 800 number will only be active between 9AM ET and 5:30PM ET on
Tuesday September 12th.


Team Full Tilt

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Poker Magazine

This may be news to my European Readers (all 3 of you). I just received a press release from Poker Pro Europe Magazine. It says that their new publication is on newsstands in Europe. You should see Marcel Luske on the cover. If anyone wants to see the actual Press release, email me and I will forward it to you.

Just to make things clear - I am in no way affiliated with Poker Pro or Poker Pro Magazine and I am not being compensated in any way for mentioning the magazines.

But if they would like to compensate me, I have no qualms about it. (LOL)

On the personal poker front. I am feeling well enough to start playing again. I will probably play some tomorrow. And I may, heaven forbid, blog about it.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Updates and Comments

Finally, I am well again. The flu or cold has completed it's course and I am feeling almost human again.

I have played no poker online this past week, but I have been reading about it. It is amazing to me how many poker magazines there are out on the newsstands these days. My favorite articles are tournament coverage and articles that ask pros how they would play either certain cards or in certain conditions. Predictably the pro will say that the way they would play depends on the situation and that there is no one way to play certain cards or situations. The interesting part of the article is seeing how the writer handles this standard answer.

It is good advice. If you are playing the same cards the same way in every situation, you will become very predictable. And if you are predictable, you either be loosing money or not getting as much money from you opponents as possible.

Each hand is it's own situation. But you need to play it considering how you and the rest of the table have been playing.

Comments to the Blog

Please keep the comments you make to this blog in some way related to this blog. If I see a comment that is filled with links, I will delete it. If you comment on how terrible a blogger I am, I will leaved it and probably agree with you.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!