Friday, September 28, 2007

Sit-N-Go Fun

I had some time today, so I played in a couple of Play Money, Two Table Sit-N-Go's over at FTP. I haven't played for a couple of weeks and I was fairly pleased with the results.

In the first, I made the final table 3rd in chips and held pretty steady until I went all-in with trip Kings on the flop against a guy with two pair who rivered the full house to beat me. I went out in 7th.

I fared a bit better in the second. I made the final table 2nd in chips. Then I played semi-tight, for a while then I went full bore on the aggression. I ended up winning that one. I was pleased with my play in both games. I think I only played one hand badly. Fortunately I think it helped me win the second SnG.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Poker's Popularity

It seems to me that Poker is not as popular as it was last year or the year before. Revenues from online sites are down. The number of entrants in the WSOP main event was down this year. Ratings for poker programming is down this year as well. I am not saying that poker has "jumped the shark", just that it is not as popular.

I see that there are two reasons, one major and one minor. The minor reason is the unpopularity of last year's champ of the WSOP main event Jaime Gold. I have no comment on him one way or the other. The fact is that he did not generate as much excitement in his win as did Hachem, the previous winner.

The main reason is what I call the "Stupidity of Congress". In putting the screws to financial institutions who do business with legitimate online poker sites. This caused Party Poker to drop all their US clients to play money status. And caused Neteller to basically do the same. This cut about 80 to 90 percent of the online players out of the game. If they are not playing online, they cannot win seats to the main event and they tend to forget about poker.

I know I have not played for real money online since Congress passed and the President signed the bill into law. And I have watched far fewer hours of poker on TV since then.

If only I could find a good home game.

Until then, Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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