Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poker Dream or My Dreams of Winning the WSOP Dashed.

Last night I had an interesting poker dream.

I was entered in the WSOP Main Event.  There were so many entrants that my starting table and about 15 others were in a "back room" somewhere in the Rio.  The dealers were shady and took breaks when they felt like it.  I did not recognize any of the players.  What was even sketchier about the whole situation is that they didn't have enough tournament chips so some of my chips were Monopoly houses and hotels.

I would step away from the table and this one player who was way down on chips sat in my seat and tried to take over my chips.  The dealer did nothing.  I called the floor over and he said there was nothing in the rules to prevent it.  At this point, I see AlCantHang over at another table talking with someone he knew.  I tried to get his attention so I could explain what was happening.  Al gave me a very disdainful look, apparently because I knew his name and did not have the SoCo to back it up.  So he left.

At this point, the table is broken up and I am told I will be moving to a table in the main room.  My chips are not counted or bagged.  They are left on the table with chips from two other players.  These two teenagers instead start pushing the table to the main room.  I am following, because I do not trust them.  They are pushing the table through the casino and at one point the table bumps the corner of a slot machine and some of my chips fall off.  The table pushing teens ignore this and push the table faster.  I grab the chips off the floor and continue my pursuit. 

I lose sight of the table.  And I come to an unmarked fork in the hallway.  I ask someone which way the main room is and am pointed to the left.  I follow the hallway up and come into a bar overlooking the main room just in time to see my table and chips come in through an entrance below.  The teens stop the table and look at each other and grin.  I know what they are going to do.  I climb up on the railing and leap down.  But I am too late to stop the teens from pushing 3 players worth of chips onto the floor mine included.

I am told by the tournament director that since the chips were not real chips and that they were mixed in with other players chips that I was disqualified.  I start screaming at the TD and wake up.

I wonder if anyone had a similar, real experience.

Enjoy the Pokery Goodness!

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