Saturday, January 22, 2005

Iggy is right!

Blogging is much easier with a belly full of Guinness!

This past week I had my second session. It went from good to eh to horrible. I went to party and ordered up a .5/1 limit Table.

The first half hour I was playing good and tight. I had a pretty good read on the players. I was getting so-so cards. At the end of the first half hour I am up 10BB.

The second half hour, I stupidly thought "this is easy", loosened up and was down by 5BB.

Now here is where it gets bad and horrible. It is now 1:30 in the morning, I have to get up at 6:00, I am tired, and I think "If I can just catch the flop right, I can get back up." Uh huh!
I proceded over the next hour to bleed away all my 30BB buyin. I was not choosing my starting cards correctly. I was betting with second or third pair (sometimes a pocket underpair) with no flush or straight draw possibilities. In other words I was Super fish man! I never caught any decent cards.

This is the reason why I try to limit my sessions to an hour, maybe an hour and a half if I am not tired. As tired as I was, I should have quit after the first half an hour. In the future I will do just that until I am used to playing and can find a better time of the day to play.

Card selection was another problem. I was trying to get the cards to do what I wanted. Big mistake. You have to let the cards do their thing and make the correct choices based on cards, players, position, etc.

Hey, I am still new to this game.

I played again earlier this evening. I was down 2BB after the first half an hour and got tired. I left the table. (It has been a long hard week.) I think I played decently. Got Big Slick once. (My first time on real money tables.) I laid it down when the flop showed TTx and non of them my suit.

Should I play in the WPBT, Feb 2 at PokerStars? At this point probably not. I may come out an rubber neck incognito.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Yes, I'm still here

Why, I don't know.

I got Party reloaded on my PC earlier this week and did not have time to play. As I was testing it out though, I decided to find the evening's blogger table. I did not know what screen names they would be using, as I have not played with or tried to find them before. It was not hard to find. It was the second table I checked. I said "Hi", lurked a while and left. My bankroll and skill level are not there yet. (At this rate, I don't know if they will ever get there.)

Hopefully, I can get the kids and the wife to bed early this evening and actually play.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


My wife got over her strep on Friday. That is the good news. I had a gastrointestinal issue all day Saturday. Sunday I am well rested and get the family to bed early. I go to fire up Party and it connects to the network and says there is an update to the Party software. (UhOh!)

So I start the download. On my dial up that takes forever. And now the download is complete and it is starting the install wizard to install the update... Then it happened. It has happened every time I have tried to install an "update" with party. The Party software creates an error. I close the error and that "freezes" my PC. Re-f'n-boot!!!

I bring up the PC, connect to the internet and try to fire up Party. I get an IE window from Party saying the problem is in my Firewall. I don't think so, Party. Party software then "freezes" my PC again. So much for Sunday night.

This evening, I uninstalled Party software, did a little registry cleaning, and downloaded Party software again. I will be running the setup momentarily. Hope it works.

Ahhhhhh, the joys of online poker!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Otis Pimpage and Additions

First--- MAJOR Blogger Pimpage:

Otis from Up For Poker got a gig to blog the 2005 PokerStars Carribean Adventure. Check it out, bookmark it, then come back.

I have added Up For Poker, StudioGlyphic, and Poker Penguin to my blog list. I don't know why they have not been there before now. I read Up and Studio daily, and Penguin when he decides to post.

I have not yet played any online this year. I have been very busy at home this week. Mrs. _one has strep. So I have been taking care of her and the little _ones.

For Christmas, I got two books - WLLH and SSH. I devoured WLLH in about a day and a half. I am currently about a quarter of the way through SSH. I can not wait until I can put into practice what I learned or reinforced by reading these books.

Hopefully I will get to play in the next couple of days.